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Turning Tables was Coffee Cup's debut stage production.

A show about waiting tables? But wait, there’s more… Written and performed by Coffee Cup (a theatre co), TURNING TABLES is a fast paced original comedy about first impressions, told through the eyes of waiters. Fear not! No bitter waiter rants here. This is a universal story, with a real heart. With a true ensemble cast, Coffee Cup seamlessly weaves together five stories to create one jam-packed evening full of surreal moments, larger than life characters and unimaginable mishaps. Be careful what you say to (or around) your waiter, it could wind up on stage! (All names have been changed to protect the innocent). If you've never waited tables before, don't worry. It's not a waiter thing, it's a human thing...


Written and Performed by:

Michael Ferrell
Ishah Janssen-Faith
Jack McGowan
Hemmendy Nelson
Phil Vos

Directed by: Gita Reddy
Set and Lighting: Shaun Fillion
Costumes: M'arion Talan
Sound: Jeremy Wilson
Stage Manager: Janice Dekoff
ASM: Cameron Cary


"Turning Tables is a total charmer; it's as delicious as dinner at your favorite eatery, and nourishing too. ... They've given us a smart, funny, and insightful slice of life—or, more accurately, five slices—in this innovative, well-produced show, making for an auspicious debut for their company, ... The acting is sharp, the writing is clever and vivid, the staging (by director Gita Reddy) and production values are terrific." Martin Denton, nytheatre.com (read full review)

The Connecticut Post calls Turning Tables "hilarious and poignant" (read full review)

And Backstage says "SNL should take notice" (read full review)

Bloggers are also lining up to give us their praises...

Whatblows writes "TURNING TABLES will be most appreciated by those who have waited tables before, but the Coffee Cup Theatre Co can be proud of the fact that their piece appeals to a wider audience as well, as evidenced by the hysterically laughing full house ..." (read full review)

and cliffsvoice.com tells people to "Go see this one"


September 28th through October 15th 2006
Thurs-Sat 7:30pm, Sat & Sun 3pm
279 Church St. Between Franklin and White in Tribeca

Opening Night Gala: Saturday September 30th at Access Theater Gallery


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